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My End of Year Donations

I haven’t figured out my New Year’s resolutions yet, but I have decided on some charities to donate to.  I commend them to my friends, family and colleagues.  Giving makes you feel good.

I gave $500 to Rep. Bill Pascrell, tonight, at, even though he’s not my Congressman anymore (starting 2012).  That’s charity?  Well, no, but the Star Ledger editorial chastising Rep. Rothman for picking a primary fight with Bill was very persuasive this morning:  Anyway, I’m a fan of Bill, and though Essex County has now been wrongly deprived of his services, courtesy Dean John Farmer, it’s the least I can do to thank Bill for the more than $650,000 he just scored in a grant toward South Orange’s purchase of a new fire truck, and his tireless service to my community.

As a member of The Florida Bar, I have to donate 20 hours in pro bono legal services annually to the poor or donate $350.  (Why doesn’t New Jersey require that?).  I’ve taken on two pro bono cases this year, but my husband and I will donate to the Public Interest Law Foundation at Columbia Law School anyway (– you can choose a PILF near you.

I gave to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, in memory of my father, Leonard G. Bauer, who was a native Newarker, and graduate of Barringer H.S.  My dad grew up during the Depression.  But his mom always had a job and he was very industrious, so even though poverty made a lasting impression, in a way they were lucky. The Fund helps people who are really destitute, or in dire situations.  And it bring toys and clothes to kids.  The case recitations in the Star Ledger every morning (thru Jan. 14) make it easy to realize how lucky the rest of us are.  (

I also gave to my other fave Newark charity, Greater Newark Conservancy.  If you don’t know Robin Dougherty’s work with Newark kids, teaching them about their environment, growing food, sustainability, etc., you’ve got to visit

On the recommendation of Steven Hickson, I gave again this year to Pathways/Cancer Support which is part of The Connection for Women and Families in Summit, NJ, a community center caring for those with breast cancer and their families ( Also gave to the National Kidney Foundation. And I gave to my “church”– the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker Meeting in Montclair) where I am a member, and to the First Baptist Church of South Orange, which is trying to build a new larger church to accommodate its growth.

I gave to the South Orange Rescue Squad,, as I do every year.  I can’t say enough about what an outstanding job they do in times of crisis, and what great folks they are.   Please donate generously to the SO or your own rescue squad.  The volunteers exemplify the highest level of community service and commitment, giving up their nights or weekends to serve you.

I gave to my daughter’s schools, Brooklyn Friends School (HS) and before that, Princeton Friends School (MS).  To my son’s school, Sarah Lawrence College, we paid our last check for tuition, room and board!  Enough said there:  He graduates May 19, 2011.  Yea!!!  I feel strongly about supporting one’s schools, past or present, so I also gave to my undergrad college (Syracuse) and law school (Rutgers) and my husband donated to his alma mater (Princeton), and we gave to the local South Orange/Maplewood ACHIEVE Foundation (

I gave to one of my non-profit clients, the Pennsylvania RR Harsimus Stem Embankment Coalition (

Of course, I gave to the organizations on whose boards I serve. Their efficiency, vision and successful and strategic work commends itself: Tri-State Transportation Campaign ( and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (  If you don’t want fracking for natural gas to ruin your water supply, or toxic waste dredged out of the Delaware, and do wannt trout production streams and floodplains protected, you’ll donate to Riverkeeper too.  Or find and donate to your own local riverkeeper!

I gave to NJ Citizen Action (  If you donate a dollar, it will be matched. That’s leverage.  I believe in Citizen Action’s goals and have always admired this non-profit– helping people get fair mortgages so they can buy homes, making banks invest rather than “redline” poor communities, empowering people so they can enjoy economic security, fair and clean elections, and a host of other good programs.

There are a few others, but those are the primary ones.  Please donate to your favorite cause.



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River Greenway Ribbon Cut in South Orange

I’m pleased to say this river greenway and bike path construction project for South Orange was delivered on time and on-budget. One year and one day from groundbreaking to ribbon cut.

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Tax Thoughts on Independence Day

On Independence Day, 2010, it’s appropriate to consider whether the local tax 2% “cap” law, about to be enacted in New Jersey, will free us from the tyranny of ever-increasing local taxes, whether there were any good alternatives, and whether it will work.

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