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Lautenberg Introduces National Rail Freight Policy Bill

Anything we can do to get more goods moving more efficiently by rail, rather than diesel-fueled, polluting trucks, which cause so much wear and tear on our interstate highways and local roads, sounds terrific! Sen. Lautenberg is the chair of the Senate Commerce subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety and Security, and he introduced a bill in Congress to do just that and more (reduce carbon dioxide emission by 40% by 2030) on Thursday, July 22. More insights in the full blog post.


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Tax Thoughts on Independence Day

On Independence Day, 2010, it’s appropriate to consider whether the local tax 2% “cap” law, about to be enacted in New Jersey, will free us from the tyranny of ever-increasing local taxes, whether there were any good alternatives, and whether it will work.

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