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BP’s Oil Spill Damages: What Exxon Valdez Wrought

No one knows what the final amount of damages, fines and penalties might be for the BP oil spill—too many unknowns—but some commentators are tossing around $40 billion, all told. That’s a lot of money, even for BP. Some are asking, “Does it have the assets to survive?” Lawsuits are already being filed, and Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a criminal investigation.


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Trees Cut Along Rahway River in South Orange

The Army Corps of Engineers, which has jurisdiction over the nation’s rivers, and flooding, ordered South Orange Village to cut down the trees that had grown up along the Rahway River’s embankment on Clark Street. Without questioning the order, the Village’s DPW employees took a buzz saw to the trees last Tuesday, and it looks just awful.

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Progress at the PA NYNJ

The Port Authority’s Bill Baroni today unveiled a long-hoped for unified fare card (actually a “PayPass” Mastercard (debit or credit)) good on PATH trains, NJTransit trains and MTA subways. No more juggling different fare cards for bi-state commuters!

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Public Transportation Preservation Act Introduced

I’m hopeful the Public Transportation Preservation Act of 2010 bill will pass and become law. It’s sadly ironic, though, to reflect on why our federal senators’ (Lautenberg, Menendez, Gillibrand, Schumer, Dodd, others) had to introduce the $2 billion bill to aid transit, to prevent more service cuts and fare hikes.

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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I’m blogging on the issues that I’m passionate about because, even with the internet, print journalism, and good new sources such as Patch and The Local (New York Times), there still is a dearth of information, and perspective, on many issues that affect our regional economy and environment, including the transportation network that forms the backbone of that economy.  That gap includes down to earth explanations of court decisions that affect our economy and environment, which I hope to provide, as an experienced lawyer practicing in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  In fact, there are a lot of topics that are comment-worthy which are not “hard news,” and which aren’t covered by newspapers or online sources available to the public— there’s just not enough staff capacity. That’s where bloggers come in.  I hope you’ll find the facts, observations, photographs and opinions presented here to be fun, informative and persuasive, and that you’ll comment when you do, or when you don’t.

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